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Matchbox art-01.jpg


Digital Illustration

Set against the backdrop of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, Grahan traverses two worlds that are three decades apart, but are connected by a truth. In 1984, a love story meets an untimely end due to the anti-Sikh riots. In 2006, IPS Officer Amrita Singh ends up uncovering a truth that connects her to the past. 


Throughout our campaign, we picked fire as a visual mnemonic to drive intrigue for the show as well as depict the tension. For our character introduction posts on social media, we chose to play with matchbox art - making it an instant thumb stopper on social media. Together with powerful dialogues of each character, we created a visually striking series to introduce the world of Grahan to people.

Matchbox art-02.jpg
Matchbox art-03.jpg
Matchbox art-04.jpg
Matchbox art-05.jpg
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